reduced complexity and costs

Improving your storage management with Ippany Cas Connector (ICC)© creating instant access to the Dell DX Object Storage Platform.

The unrelenting growth of unstructured data is creating storage and management issues for organizations of all sizes. Current solutions based on a file system frontend and backend, like SAN or NAS, can’t scale at the rate needed and have serious performance issues as capacity increases. These solutions often utilize RAID protection methods leading to crippling rebuild times and increasing exposure to data loss as RAID groups grow.

Additionally, archiving and backup applications advertised as solutions are actually compounding the issue by driving the retention of multiple copies leading to increased costs and unrealistic backup-, and worse, restore windows.These methods of managing data growth are also adding layers of complexity that test the skill, and the patience, of even the most seasoned system administrators. It may be that traditional storage products are no longer the best solutions.

The Ippany cloud storage solution offers secure access to intelligent, automated storage enabling archiving, backup and file serving in one solution. It provides a reliable match between the familiar windows-based operating systems and the innovative backup free future of the object-based storage solution. It is, affordable, scalable, fast and easy to manage.

access your cloud disk anywhere anytime

Are your co-workers pushing the limits of your company’s storage? Do they want to access their files wherever they are and whenever they want? Are they starting to use all kinds of different consumer versions of online storage? Do you want them to store, share and collaborate with your company files in a secure manner? Directly to the product pages click here

ICE Drive is a Cloud-based Drive on your computer that works as easy as all the well-known consumer online storage services but the big difference is that you are using your own private cloud storage environment and not a public one.

How do I use the ICE Drive?

Our ICE Drive is Cloud Extender software (ICE stands for Ippany Cloud Extender). You simply install our software in a few steps and the ICE Drive will appear in the file tree listing of your computer. You will see an extra drive icon called ICE Drive. That’s it. That simple.From now on you can add your content on the ICE Drive. By adding your content on the ICE Drive you are placing your data direct in your own private Cloud storage environment (based on a Caringo CAStor or a Dell DX Object Store Cloud platform). You can create, change and delete folders on the ICE Drive. Just like you are used to with the other file drives on your computer (C-Drive, D-Drive). That’s what makes the ICE Drive so appealing. It works like an ordinary file drive.

Just one extra drive, but a world of difference

The ICE Drive looks like an ordinary drive on your screen. Just another drive icon. But by using the ICE Drive on your computer you will enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage:

  • Access anywhere anytime to anyone via any (mobile) internet device
  • BYOD Bring Your Own Device friendly
  • Easy to use, no learning curve (just ‘drop’ the files in ICE Drive and share!)
  • Looks familiar (it is just another drive icon on the screen of your co-workers)
  • Security – ‘dropping’ and ‘sharing’ take all place via secure connections (https)
  • Collaboration with other co-workers is very easy
  • Sharing is a very simple process
  • Whitelabel – Rather want your company brand than the ICE Drive brand? We offer ICE Drive also whitelabelled.

Mobile working & Bring Your Own Device friendly

ICE Drive enables your organization to work in the Cloud. You and your colleagues will also benefit of the ever-increasing advantage of mobile working. Files that used to be locked up in a server in the office are now easy accessible via all mobile devices:

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Users are no longer required to be at the office to access the information they want. This will create possibilities in flexible working from home or any other out-of-office location. Also ICE Drive allows employees and management to use the device they want to, whether it is a laptop, smartphone or tablet. ICE Drive is very Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) friendly.

Want to know more about our ICE Drive? Contact us or call us on +31 40 820 0241. You can also download our Product sheet PDF with more technical information.

cloud drive connects your information

Ippany Cloud Connector is Windows server software application that enables instant access to a DX object-based storage platform. The software provides a full-featured file system frontend to fully automated and self-healing DX Platform on the backend. The combined solution is accessible as a drive on your corporate network leveraging standard Windows sharing permissions and can scale from gigabytes to petabytes per location supporting policy based replication to and from multiple locations. Directly to the product pages click here

Scalable, Self-healing Storage via a Standard Windows Interface

Ippany Cloud Connector works like a standard Windows share with no impact to user behavior. Files and folders placed in the designated Ippany Cloud Connector mount point are automatically stored to your Dell DX Platform. A standard Windows server with Ippany Cloud Connector installed enables any Dell DX platform to behave like a familiar Windows file share providing secure access to scalable long-term storage.

Back-up free
The Ippany Cloud Connector keeps multiple versions of a file as modifications are made. In addition the self-healing and self-protecting functionality of the Dell DX platform, means that most organizations can use the combined solution as a storage target that doesn’t need to be backed up. All versions of a file are kept, integrity of the files is continuously checked and files are always accessible.

Advanced Features

  • Windows Server 2003 and 2008 compatible.
  • Easy installation with no service interruption.
  • File server performance optimization.
  • Policy-based data management using multiple data lifepoints for retention as well as the number of replica’s.
  • Fully compliant for legal and regulatory eDiscovery, by using the DX platform properties
  • Instant admin-based restore of file versions or deleted files
  • Emergency repair and recovery options
  • Policy-based management for versioning and data retention
  • No database used to prevent slow down performance or increase server management and maintenance
  • Scale from gigabytes to multiple petabytes
  • Centralized archive target fully compatible with Active Directory
  • Consolidate multiple departmental Windows File Servers


  • Reduce complexity: Archive, backup and file-serving from one unified and single tier storage solution.
  • Reduce costs: Free-up disk capacity on expensive storage devices, scale up when required.
  • Compliant: Supports WORM and includes content integrity seal functionality.
  • No business impact: Use your existing workflow, no change in user behavior.
  • Reduce Storage Management: Simplify complex archive, backup or restore processes.

the company

Ippany B.V. is an innovative private held Dutch software development company located at Science Park Eindhoven in Son, The Netherlands. Ippany’s main focus is to provide flexible and affordable cloud storage solutions that are easy to adopt and to use.

Our mission is to simplify data management from the storagebox all the way to the to the mobile device in a secure manner ‘The ability to provide organizations with a complete file-, backup and archive solution in one single installation combined with secure universal access’. We call this the Ippany Universal Storage Platform.

We strongly believe in partnerships. In creating value adding eco-systems that will provide our customers with optimal solutions that will really solve their storage solutions. Resulting in long-term relationships.See who are our current partners. If you are interested to partner with us, join our Partner Program.

The Ippany team is dedicated to develop and offer innovative cloud storage solutions.Our Ippany products work ideally with cloud storage solutions like Dell DX Object Store and Caringo CAStor.

Ippany BV
Science Park 5630
5692 EN Son
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)40 – 820 0241
Fax: +31(0)73 – 612 6818


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Chamber of Commerce number: 17212698
VAT Number: NL8185.86.515-B01

Ippany Terms & Conditions

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